Lesson 3. My favourite school subject(s)

This is a hard essay, as there are really three subjects that really stand out to me and those are math, english and history. These subjects are my favourite, although I know that that with subjects, it really depends on what you like, so do not get the impression that I am saying that these should be other peoples favs as well. When I grow up, I would like to become an architect, so math would be very important in that job. I also like to draw, although it is not part of my school subjects as of last year. To know why I like these three, or four subjects, I explain below.


This is a subject that I just somehow like. It is not that I am very good at math, I just like the subject. Math is very fascinating and I think something that appeals to me, is working stuff out. To know what the volume of an object is, its dimensions, its surface area…All of this appeals to me. Also, math is the key a whole selection of careers, making it extremely vital and important to academic studies. If I continue to study and enjoy math, becoming an architect would become that much easier.   


This is a subject that, like math, just absolutely fascinates me. I just find it so interesting to find out the five parts of literature, how to write properly and so much more! Also, the academic values of English are just amazingly high. Learning English will help me in the future, even teaching English could be an option!


This is a subject that I really love and though it won’t take me as far as math, I just genuinely love the subject. Something about learning from the past is something special for me.

That’s all for my school subjects! 


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