Lesson 4. The furthest I have ever been from home

This essay will be on the places I have been furthest away from my home. Right now I am living in England, yet I have not lived here forever. I also briefly lived in Switzerland, as my mom is from there and I also lived for nine years in western Africa. 

For this essay I will use my current country location, England, and calculate visits and journeys from here. The furthest I have ever been from England would be visiting Switzerland and Germany after I lived in Switzerland. I also spent one night in Istanbul, Turkey, when going through there from Africa on Turkish Air. I will not count Africa, as I have not visited since I left. So, let me explain my journeys to Germany and Switzerland. In Africa, we were with a mission organisation, reaching out to people who have not heard about Jesus. On coming back to Europe, we were still with the same organisation. This organisation would, every four years meet in a hotel in Germany. The year after we had arrived in England, we went to this conference, hence the Germany trip.

As a family, we have also been going annually to Switzerland since 2015. The reason for this is because every autumn my moms church there organises a children’s camp in the Alps. (the Alps is a famous mountain range that goes through France, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Austria, Slovenia and Liechtenstein. Anyway, we have treated these visits to Switzerland as our Holidays and we also get to see family as well. When we went through Turkey, it was because we took Turkish Air, which ran from where we were in Africa, to Turkey, then we could take the flight to Switzerland, as we also visited while we were in Africa. 

I think the above countries should suffice, and if you want distances, Germany is 757 miles from where I live, Switzerland 826 miles and Turkey is 2,568 miles from my current location! This essay was hard to write as I have been to many places. As I explained, I did not include Africa, as that was my home for nine years. I think Turkey, although the stay happened just because we changed flights, would still count.


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