Lesson 175. “How important are the words ‘So What?’ in an autobiography?”


In this essay I will be discussing and answering the essay question above, which asks how important the words “So What?” are in an autobiography. This question is from the English 9th grade RPC course.
Main Body

When writing a specific part of your autobiography, one very important thing to do, ist to put yourself in the readers shoes and ask the question, So what? Making sure that you give good enough reasons for your story will also make the reader care more about what happens next.

When a reader asks the question “So what?”, it’s like them asking why they should care what happened. Another reason might be that they just don’t get why you had that specific story in your autobiography. These situations are not great to have, as you want your story to be believable and relatable to the reader.

This is why good, persuasive writing and a good choice of interesting stories will make your autobiography stand out more to the reader and also make the reader care more about what happens next.

Asking yourself the words “So what?” over a specific situation or story in your autobiography is also a way for you, as an author to analyse whether or not your story is deep enough to cause the reader to keep reading. It might be the case that your writing does not make the situation as exciting as it could be, which is something you should definitely look out for.


To summarise and conclude, this essay talked about how the question “So what?” is so important in your autobiography. I also said that, as an author, it is very important that you make sure the reader does not ask this question when reading your autobiography. This problem can be avoided with persuasive writing, good word choice and good story choice. All of those factors will make your autobiography stand out more to the reader.


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