Lesson 1. Summer Holidays 2019

This essay is on a number of things that I have done in the 2019 summer break. I say a number of things, because I do not think that there was an event that really stood out as dominant. One thing that me and my family did, was go to the Christian United 2019 New Wine camp in Peterborough, England. The camp was great, as you could take your tent and camp on the New Wine grounds and then take part in many activities. The only drawback was the fact that the camp was canceled two days before it officially finished, due to weather warnings.  

Another thing that I think was (and still is) a good experience, was having a go at LEGO stop motion filming, which we have not quite finished yet. For those who do not know what stop motion is, I’ll try to do my best to explain. The way we do stop motion is we use LEGO figures, although you can use anything really. So, you place your LEGO figure on a base plate (maybe googling: Lego man, and Lego baseplate might help if you don’t know what those are) and between shots make your figure walk. This is done by moving your figure then taking two frames with your camera, moving your figure again and taking two more shots…and so on. When you have reached your objective in the film (i.e the Lego man walking to a bus stop and getting on a bus) you compile your shots into film. Now, for this process it might be helpful to get a Stop motion app, which automatically puts your shots into a film. If you do not have an app, it is best to hand the situation over to an adult to put the film together on a computer, unless you know how to make the film on a computer yourself. 

Another project me and my siblings were, and again still are doing, is making a model house out of Popsicle and cotton candy sticks. This is something that goes further back, before the summer hols and is something that we have not quite finished.

These are some things that I did or took part in during the 2019 summer holidays! Now it’s back to school.


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