Lesson 165. What I must do in my note-taking to describe what is going on around me?


In this essay I will be discussing and answering the essay question to do with note taking and how I can prepare myself now for when I write an autobiography in the future.

Main body

Note taking is a very important skill for students to learn, that goes beyond just preparing for your autobiography. Effective use of notes will help you to retain information more efficiently, whilst still utilising simplicity to save time.

For your autobiography, note taking is especially important. Making notes of your life progressively, will help you immensely later on when you are writing your autobiography.

  1. Here are a few tips for note taking that might help me to write a autobiography later on.Identify important events. In a few of the autobiographies I have read, there are not enough background events being discussed. Describing larger events happening around you, will link yourself to the reader, as they might remember that time, or be able to connect, saying “Aha, so it was that event he is writing about.” While this might seem like a little unimportant detail, it is the small things that make your autobiography more realistic

2. Remembering time and dates. As you get older you forget more. This is why it is important for me to write dates in my notes, if I can remember them. Remembering dates ten years from now will be a lot harder than doing it right now, so that is definitely a very important factor to take in.

3. Organising notes in chronological order. Ordering your notes in chronological order can be very helpful later on when you are writing your autobiography. This also takes a lot of work load off of your autobiography if you do it before starting to write.

Those are a few tips I might take if I were going to write an autobiography later on.


To summarise and conclude, today’s essay talked about note-taking and how effective usage of notes will help me write my autobiography in the future. I gave three tips to help with note-taking.
Identifying Important events

Remembering dates for your notes

Organising notes in chronological order to make writing easier

And that just about wraps everything up, hope you enjoyed!


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