Lesson 10. “How Does Harry Browne’s Approach to Selling Rely on the Principle of Service?”


In this short essay I will be discussing Harry Browne’s method for selling products, and how it applies to the principle of service.

In Harry Browne’s Book, How to sell anything, he presents a unique approach to business and the method behind selling anything to a customer or client. Browne’s method relies on the businessman adopting the principle of service with every interaction he has with a possible client.

What makes this method so effective is that the underlying principle is to help the customer with his or her problems rather than trying to coerce them into buying your product. This also rebukes the popular belief that businessmen have to be aggressive and antagonistic to make sales go through, when in fact, utilising the principle of service makes transactions much more frequent.

In his book, Browne really stresses that the customer is king and that if your product cannot help him, you should not try to press further. If, however, your product does solve the customer’s largest problem, then he will realise that you are really trying to help him and he will appreciate that.

On the other hand, if you put yourself above the customer, he will instantly spot your behaviour and your transaction will become a lot harder to pull through.

To conclude, I think I can say quite comfortably that Browne’s utilises the principle of service by making the customer more important than yourself.


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