Lesson 160. “Has any event in your life had the same impact that learning how to read had on Douglass’s life? If not, why not?”


In this essay, I will be talking about Frederick Douglass, and how his life changed when he learned to read. I will also discuss two events in my own life that have had an impact on myself.

Main body

In Frederick Douglass’s autobiography, the Autobiography of Frederick Douglass he explains how he lived as a slave in 1800s in the slave state of Maryland, America. As well as describing the brutality of slavery, Douglass also writes a section on how he learned to read. This changed everything for Douglass. Learning to read opened Douglass’s eyes and led to his hypothesis that education is the key for slaves to get out of slavery.

So, the question remains, Have I ever had any event in my life that has had the same impact that reading had on Douglass? I’d say there have been a couple of events or time periods in my life, that have slightly changed my outlook.

The first of these is my upbringing. While not technically an “event” I would say that my upbringing has been central to my life so far. I was born into a Christian family, was baptised as a baby and have been brought up as a Christian in God’s Kingdom. The guidance and teaching I have received, over the years from my parents, and from the Ron Paul Curriculum have had large impacts on my Christian life.

My outlooks on the world and my worldviews are mostly directly influenced by what my parents believe, which is great, because I think their views are the right ones.

The Ron Paul Curriculum has also changed my views on time, which I think, so far, has had quite an impact on my life. Before doing the English 9 Autobiographies RPC course with Gary North, I had known that time is a very valuable asset, but I did not think a lot about it. After listening to the lectures done by Gary North in the 9th grade, have really changed how I view time itself.

I have noticed that I have become much more aware of the time and how quickly time passes. We only have one life on this earth, which means we must use our time wisely to enhance God’s Kingdom here on earth.


To summarise and conclude, this essay was on two things that have had an impact on my life so far. The first of these is my upbringing as a Christian and my faith in Jesus Christ. The second is my views on time and how valuable it is, which I really understood better after starting the RPC Grade 9 English course.


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