Lesson 10. 2 page essay: Me

Hi, My name is Samuel. I am a fourteen-year-old boy, have black hair, brown eyes, freckles and dimples. I am rather short for my age, (at least I think I am) being only 145 cm tall. Right now I am living in Manchester, England. This is the second year I am using the Ron Paul curriculum and so far it has been great! I hope you like this essay on me and hope you get a good idea of who I am through this essay.

I think an important thing to start with is my family. I have two sisters and one brother. I am the oldest from my siblings, which is good in its own way. I really love my family as they are the closest people to me. My dad is English and my mom is Swiss, meaning that there are more family members in both countries. My dad has a younger brother, who has one child, so I have one cousin and uncle here in England, plus my English grandparents. My mom however is the oldest of five children, who between them have 17 children. Together with my Swiss grandparents it makes up a large family!

My family and I are all Christians, so we go to church on  Sundays and to a bible study on Tuesdays. My siblings and I were baptised as babies and brought up as Christians by our parents. Being a Christian is something special to me and I think it really helps to have Jesus to turn to when you are in trouble. 

My and I siblings are homeschooled, which is one of the reasons we use the Ron Paul curriculum. I view school as very important. If I work diligently in school now, It will help me to get a job in the future. I actually do like school, as I view it as  something you should take seriously. However, I believe that everybody should work at their own pace. I believe this because it is more important to master a subject rather than focus on finishing quickly. The subjects I really like are English, Math and History. Especially History.

I really enjoy many different foods, including lasagne, burgers, pizza, pasta, steak, chilli, salad and much more. Some of my favourite snacks are olives, crisps and peanuts. Two sides that I really enjoy are chips (with ketchup an mayonnaise) and garlic bread. For desserts, I really like brownies, ice cream, strawberries and raspberries. Cheesecake is awesome and so is chocolate cake. I also like eggs and bacon, as well as pancakes. For drinks, I mainly drink water and occasionally some cordial or coke. I also really like black tea with milk for breakfast, and I also like to drink milk on its own sometimes.

I enjoy lots of different pastimes, both indoor and out. The outdoor activities are, playing football (soccer), swimming, rounders and cricket. Indoor pastimes that I like are table tennis, playing lego, doing stop motion filming, reading, constructing and a whole other variety of things. Reading is one of my huge favourites, and is probably the most dominant in the above indoor list. For the outdoor list, I think that football would be my favourite, although I am not that good at it. 


10 thoughts on “Lesson 10. 2 page essay: Me

    1. Yes Colton, we know what you think on infant baptism. Yet I don’t think it’s really appropriate to mention it here where Samuel is sharing his story. If you have a problem with him being baptised when he was a child, I suggest you take up the the issue with our parents directly.

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