Lesson 90″What benefits would I get from writing an autobiography?”


In this essay I will be looking at and answering the essay question above, which reads “What benefits would I get from writing an autobiography?” This question is taken from the 9th Grade RPC English course.

Main Body

To begin, let me define what an autobiography is. A autobiography is a story of your life, written by yourself. You can include what you want in your autobiography, but most of the time autobiographies are plainly accounts of the lives of the authors. So, how can I benefit from writing one?

In my opinion, having an account of my life that I could look back on, would be a great way for me to see how my life developed and how many things shaped me and also how God was working throughout my life.
It is also important to note that future generations might still be reading your autobiography, even after you have passed away. If I were going to write an autobiography, I would definitely consider writing it in a way that could benefit future generations.

Another benefit of an autobiography, is that you can pass it down through family, so that your children or grandchildren could have the opportunity to read about your life first-hand.
Those are all the things I could think of, though I am still not sure whether or not I should write an autobiography, lets wait and see how my life turns out!


To summarise and conclude the essay, we discussed and answered the essay question regarding how I would benefit from writing an autobiography. Firstly we discussed what an autobiography is, then moving on to a few ways that I could benefit from writing one. The first of these was, that writing an autobiography would give me a source from which I could read and remember what happened during my life. I also said that future generations might read my autobiography and that maybe even my future kids and grandkids could benefit from having the opportunity to read about my life.


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