Lesson 85 “What can you do now to make your biography less disjointed than Twain’s?”


In this essay I will be discussing and answering the essay question, which states: “What can you do now to make your biography less disjointed than Twain’s?” This question is taken from the RPC 9th Grade English course

Main body

To begin, let me outline the ways in which Twain’s autobiography is disjointed. Firstly, throughout his story, you see that Mark Twain misses out large events that happened in his time and replaces them with small, uninteresting stories and events. Although writing an autobiography is entirely up to the writer, problems such as these can make it harder for the reader to follow and enjoy the story.

Linked to the first problem with his autobiography, I have also found that the consistency of the story is not very good. By this I mean that the sequence of chapters do not always fit into an understandable trail. Again, this is entireley up to the writer and there are many aspects that I enjoy about this autobiography too, but there are definitely also some parts to Twain’s storyline that I find harder to understand.

Now, how would I fix these issues in my autobiography? Firstly, I think I would try to structure my autobiography as a close-fitting story line. By this I mean that I would try to write the chapters in a way that can be clearly seen as a sequence. Secondly, I think that integrating large events that happened during my life will allow the reader to relate more to the story.

I also think that giving an account of the events that changed my life or beliefs is also very important. Though Mark Twain definitely did this in his autobiography, I feel that somehow he did not do it enough.


To summarise and conclude, this essay discussed and answered the question regarding Mark Twain’s autobiography and how I can make my autobiography less disjointed than his. In my opinion, Mark Twain’s autobiography did not flow very well and was in some parts quite disjointed. While this is not necessarily a very bad thing, it might confuse the reader and put them off when reading the story. To fix this problem, making your autobiography less disjointed is not too hard. Creating a well-structured storyline should probably eliminate this problem altogether.


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