Lesson 145. “How important is it for a person to summarize his philosophy of life in an early chapter of an autobiography?”

In this essay I will be discussing and answering the essay question above, which asks how important is it to summarise your philosophy of life in an early chapter when writing an autobiography.

Main Body

When someone writes their autobiography, they write into the pages their entire life and character, which is one of the reasons autobiographies are very special books. However, writing an autobiography will also expose your philosophy of life, as it is almost impossible to keep that out of a book, in which you are writing about yourself.

As the reader goes through your story, he will probably be able to see patterns and then be able to discern the thought process and views of yourself, the author. Now, it is by no means bad if people start to understand your worldviews, but it is something you must be aware of when writing an autobiography for the public.

This “Philosophy of life” can be spread throughout the autobiography, or it can be revealed directly to the reader at any suitable time in your autobiography. This depends entirely on the author and what his or her plan is while writing the autobiography.

To answer the essay question, I do not actually think it matters much, where you summarise your philosophy of life but If I were to write an autobiography, I would probably spread it over the story.

My reasoning for doing that, would be that I would not like to throw the reader off by suddenly stating my philosophy of life in one random section. Rather, I would spread it out throughout the autobiography, so the reader can figure out what was behind my decisions. This also ensures that the reader keeps reading and is not interrupted by a sudden piece of information, that could spoil the book for them.


To summarise and conclude the essay, this paper discussed and answered the essay question regarding the philosophy of life that the author of an autobiography would have and whether putting it at the start of the autobiography is a good idea. My answer to that, is that it does not matter much, however I would integrate it throughout the story, so as to keep the reader on track and not throw them off the flow of the story.


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