Lesson 105. “What would I do in my autobiography that is different from what Darwin did?”


In this essay, we will be answering the essay question, “What would I do in my autobiography that is different from what Darwin did?” Before I answer the question though, let me give a brief summary of the positive and negative aspects of Darwin’s autobiography.

Main Body

Charles Darwin’s autobiography is made up of a few stages of his life. He first writes about his childhood and education, then moving on to his voyage on the Beagle in which he travelled on the seas, gathering scientific information on islands, plants and animals. The last stage of his autobiography is his return and how he started to write about his discoveries.

One positive aspect of Darwin’s autobiography was his ability to describe key people in his life. In fact, he spends more time describing his friends than his actual voyage on the Beagle. But this actually leads into my next point, one I did not really like about the autobiography.

In my opinion, the biggest issue with Darwin’s autobiography, is the lack of important events and of a coherently thought out storyline. By this I mean that the autobiography does not include enough important information about his life. For example, he hardly mentions the book that changed the west, The Origin of Species and he also does not describe his voyage in enough detail.

So, how would I write my autobiography differently, given the infromation from Darwin’s story? Well, to begin, I think that his book encourages me to think harder about what I would include in my autobiography, if I ever wrote one. I think I would try and fix the issues I mentioned avbove by planning out the autobiography in great detail.

As we have already seen, having a good and coherent story line is key. Another way to improve your autobiography is to include the important events in your life. This helps to form a stronger connection with the reader, as everyone has at least one important event happen during their life.
These are all good things to look out for when writing an autobiography.


To summarise and conclude, this essay discussed and answered the essay question regarding Charles Darwin and his autobiography and how I would do things differently in my autobiography. The lack of description of some important events during Darwin’s life in his autobiography, prompt me to think about how I should structure and write my own autobiography.


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