English week 5. Five-page Music essay

My Favourite type(s) of Music (Five page essay)


In this essay I go over my favourite type of music, namely, Classical music. There are several reasons I like this type of music and that is what I will be going into this essay. The essay comprises of several different parts, mainly describing Classical music. This includes why I like classical music, and some historical features, such as some famous pieces. But the essay does include a few other favourite music types and songs.

Main body

To start off, I think that Classical music is one of my favourite types of music, mainly because of it’s calm and soothing flow. Classical music can be used to study, to relax, to read and even to sleep! I personally use Classical music while I am doing my math, as I find that I can concentrate better while listening. As I have already said, Classical music has some attractive attributes, as it’s soothing flow can be very calming and relaxing. But on the other side, Classical music can energise you to actually play musical instruments, the changing melodies can make you active and ready.

Classical music is also headed by some of the most famous musical artists that have ever lived! People such as Mozart, Bach, Chopin and Beethoven are known worldwide and even two hundred years after their deaths, their works and legacies live on. Classical music reached a peak in the 18th and early 19th centuries, which was when most of the mentioned composers lived. This time was like a “Golden Age”, and although many great Classical pieces have been created since then, the most famous ones still date back to those centuries.

Also, the fact that Classical music was headed by these famous people makes it even more appealing to me, as the music offers rich history, with the bonus of having excellent musical qualities.

These are a few famous pieces that I enjoy listening to.

“The Well-Tempered Clavier”

This beautiful piano piece was written by the famous Johann Sebastien Bach. The piece follows a rhythmic style at the beginning, with a famous tune being played over and over until the next part. The piece was written in 1722 and is still famous to this day.

“Moonlight Sonata No. 14”

This exquisite piece of piano music, written by Ludwig Van Beethoven, is famous for the unusual slow and gentle flow that characterise this piece. The piece was written in 1801, making it over two hundred years old.

“Für Elise”

This tune, written and played on the piano by Ludwig Van Beethoven, is extremely famous. Although not a long piece, the starting tune is probably Beethoven’s most famous work, as it is known worldwide. It is also one of the most famous pieces of Classical music in the world.

“Eine kleine Nachtmusik”

This epic composition written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is probably the latter’s most famous work. Usually composed in an ensemble of different musical instruments, this serenade is Incredibly famous. Known for the piece’s lively and joyful flow, having some great melodies.

“Rondo Alla Turca”

This short and lively piano sonata, written by Wolfgang |Amadeus Mozart, is very famous and is one of Mozart’s most well known piano pieces. The “Turkish March” as it is sometimes referred to, has an exquisite touch of genius, characterised by the lively melodies that make up this sonata.

Other types of music I like.

Having said quite a bit about Classical music, there are two other types of music that I like, along with a couple of songs that I find great. Background music is also good and I really like a subset of that called Electronic. Both of those are examples of types of music that I really like listening to. All of those come next to Classical music in the favourites list. Background music is great as it is very motivational and I use it a lot, especially when I am studying. Electronic is also excellent music, having great beat, making you want to dance.

But there is one more part to music, which is probably more important than the others I have discussed. Although not classified as a genre of music, worship songs are, I feel, very important. When we (meaning my family) go to Church, we also worship God. And this includes singing worship songs written to worship God. One of my all-time favourite worship song is “In Christ Alone”, which I really like singing.

I also like the song “It started out as a feeling” which I first heard when I first watched the Narnia movie “Prince Caspian”, which was quite a while ago, while I still lived in Africa. At that time I was still small and I did not listen to music much, so hearing that song in a children’s movie definitely struck me, and I kept the tune in my memory. Even now when I’m older, I still remember the tune from that song, making it a special favourite.

To answer the essay question and conclude the essay, I would say my favourite music is Classical music, followed by Background music, of which I like Electronic. All of these types are very satisfying to listen to, and I really enjoy them.


To summarise, this essay was on my favourite type of music. I actually have quite A few favourite music types, so I started with Classical music, this being the main topic of the essay. First I went into why I like Classical music, then I went on to describe some historical aspects of this type of music. Then I explained how the historical aspects make Classical music even more appealing to me. Then I listed a few famous pieces by famous composers. After this, I went into other types of Music I enjoy listening to, which are some types of Background music.

I also listed two songs that I like. I then concluded that there are quite a few different music types I like.

I hope you enjoyed! 


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