Lesson 20. Essay: A Bad Day

A bad day I experienced


This essay will be on a bad day I had, how I reacted and what I could have done better. That day was in fact a lesson for me and it shows how you should take care and listen to your elders. This shows a time when I did neither and so it had its consequences. So, the fact is, is that that day resulted in a bad one for me, because it was my own fault. 

Note: I cannot remember the date, so please bear with me. 

It happened in 2012, when I was six years old and our family had gone to Switzerland for my brother who was born that year. For some background, we were living in Africa on the mission field and as I said, were only in Switzerland, because my brother was due. Anyway, some time after he was born, we went one day to visit some friends and they had a large tree in their garden. Well, I was a bit of a climber then, so I quickly made it my goal to climb up the tree. While I was up there, my dad told me to come down and then the adults went inside the house. I did not obey my father, and stayed in the tree. 

I cannot quite remember how, but that I was not careful was evident, for all at once I felt myself falling out of the tree and landing on the ground with a loud thump. I started screaming as pain shot up my shoulder and my parents quickly hurried me to the hospital. We soon found out I had broken my right collar-bone and I had to wear a sling for a few weeks after. I think I reacted as any six-year-old might react, with crying. I honestly can’t remember everything, apart that I did cry a lot. But I think I must have just been in an overall state of shock and misery for some time. 

Looking back there were some things I could have done to avoid the unfortunate accident I led myself into. Firstly, I think I could have just avoided climbing the tree in the first place and secondly I should have immediately come down from the tree when my dad told me to. I think I should have taken some more care, for I was somewhat too little to understand the danger of being in a tree. As a word of warning, as I found out the hard way, it is always a mistake to disobey your parents. In the fourth commandment in the Bible it says, “honour your mother and father” and by honouring them the verse means obeying them. 

But I will not go on about it too much, as that day is over and there is nothing I can do to undo the past. I should just look at it as a lesson to obey your parents and be careful. 


2 thoughts on “Lesson 20. Essay: A Bad Day

    1. I’m sorry to hear what happened, I also split my head open once on the edge of a brick wall, I still have the scar from where a doctor stitched my wound together.



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