Lesson 19. Essay: My Homeschool

My Homeschool


In this essay I go over my homeschooling experience so far. The essay is made up of an Introduction, (which you are now reading) three body paragraphs and then a conclusion. 

I have been homeschooled for as long as I can remember, as this was a decision made by my parents before they got married. Let me explain a few parts of my background and the life of my parents. My name is Samuel, I am half British and half Swiss and live in Manchester, England. My mum grew up in a Christian family in Switzerland. My dad was born in England and became a Christian a bit later on. Both he and my mum, although they had never seen or met each other, had the same calling, which was to go to the mission field in west Africa

When my parents met, my Dad was (and still is) strongly pro-homeschool. When he married my mum and had me and my siblings, homeschooling began. I really like being homeschooled, as the flexibility compared to state school is amazing. I can easily set school goals and most of the time I have no problem reaching those goals. My main subjects at the moment are, Maths, English, History, Science and French. I would probably say Maths and History are my favourites, although I still like the other subjects. The Ron Paul Curriculum is a big part of my homeschool, as I do English, History and Science on there.

I think that homeschooling is very important and that it is much better than ordinary school for several different reasons. I think that some of the things they teach at school are just lies. For example,  the big bang theory and evolution, which leads children away from the biblical truth of God’s creation. I also highly recommend the Ron Paul curriculum for homeschooling, as it is designed in many ways to fit my schooling needs. 


To conclude, lets summarise a few important points from the essay. The essay was on my homeschooling experience so far. I first went into some background, explaining where it all started and then I moved on to describe the subjects that I am learning. I then explained why I find homeschooling important and why I think state schools aren’t that great, as they lead you away from the biblical truth.


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