Lesson 18. One Paragraph: When I helped my friend

When I helped my friend

People generally call me helpful, they say that I ask if they need help and I do think that is true. From this information, I think I can deduct that I am a helpful person. Anyway, I cannot exactly recall anything huge I ever did, so I will just take one of the most recent things that happened. A few months ago, myself, my mum and siblings went on holiday to Switzerland. My mum is from there and her home-church organises a kids-camp in the Alps every year. This was the first year for me as leader, as the other years I had been a participant and so I had to help all week with the different games and activities for the kids. This is not technically a time I helped ‘a friend’ yet I did help all the other leaders, whom I would count as friends.

Note. I wrote this essay a few months ago


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