Lesson 6. My best Friend

My friend

This short essay should be on my best friend yet, because me and my family just moved house, I have not really got to know that many other kids. So, I have come to the conclusion that I will write about my little Brother Zachary instead, I mean, my brother is still my friend, right? Anyway, here goes…

My little brother Zachary is now seven years old and is the youngest kid in the family. I get on really well with him and we do a lot of fun stuff together. Zachary is a huge soccer fan, which is great, because I am too. This means we usually play a lot of soccer together and we both go to clubs. Zachary also loves to play Lego Star Wars ( we are both Star Wars and Lego fans) with me. My brother also loves doing other activities, such as watching films, bowling and playing games. 

Sometimes we tease each other and Zachary can get annoyed. But though we sometimes aren’t kind to each other, I still love him and play with him.

To wrap up, my brother Zachary is a great sibling and he makes my life just that much better. 


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