Activities (Edited two page essay)

This essay is on hobbies and activities that I enjoy doing. The essay has two hobbies and two activities that I like doing. In essence, all four are activities, yet only the first two might be classified as hobbies. 

LEGO Stop motion

This is a hobby that I do. Lego stop motion is basically a lego film, using the stop motion method. This method is where you move your lego figure a tiny bit, than you make a picture. You repeat the process until you finish taking frames. Then you string all the frames together to make a real film. This type of filming takes forever, yet I feel the results are rewarding. I have always wanted to make some stop motion, yet it is only in the past few months that I have got into doing it again. I hope to finish making a current movie project, so keep your eyes peeled for when I post It!    

Making a Popsicle stick house. 

Another sort of hobby that we (me and my siblings) are presently doing, is constructing a popsicle stick house with glue and popsicle sticks. This is the first time we have really given this hobby a go and the house is turning out well. So far we have almost finished the box-like house structure leaving only the roof structure to be done, after which the house should be basically finished, unless we want to paint the outside when the house is done. 

The building of this house is fairly simple and it is mainly the cutting of the different-sized pieces, that makes the building take a little longer. After we are finished with this house, I think that I should try to make a planned version, where I could draw the house before building it, as I would like to become an architect when I am older. Constructing and building small model houses is very satisfying in its own way, as is creating anything really.

One of the first activities I should put down is reading. I really enjoy reading books, especially exciting and action-packed books. Right now I am on the Redwallseries by Brian Jaques, which honestly, is just some of the best stuff ever written, from my point of view. So, if you have not checked out this series, I seriously recommend you do. I am also a fan of G.A Henty and Jack London. The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings were also some amazing books. I also enjoyed the Harry potter books, though probably not as much as those mentioned above. The thing with Harry Potter, is that different people have different tastes, so though it was an extremely exciting seven books, I do not think I enjoyed it as much as I am enjoying Redwall now. Something that really strikes me, with reading in general, is that you learn through reading! I mean, is it not just great to be able to learn through doing something that you really like doing? This is a big reason for why I like the English Ron Paul curriculum courses, as Bradley Fish gives us so many great books to read and he counts that as school! 

I also like to play with lego. Lego is a great way for me to enjoy and create at the same time, which is great. My siblings also like to play with lego, so lego is also a good way to spend time with them. Me and my brother specifically like to play with Star Wars lego, which just tells me how much I am a fan of Star Wars.


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