ICS (incident command system)

This essay will be on the SAR (search and rescue) Incident command system.

In any incident, let’s say a natural disaster, such as a flood happens, the way SAR respond, is by setting up an incident command system (ICS). This is basically a command system, assigning different people to different stations.

But before we go on, there are some concepts that the ICS has

Unity of command – recognisable chain of command

Common Terminology – standard code words 

Management by objective – work towards objectives 

Flexible Modular Organisation – operation can grow or diminish

Span of control – no one will manage more than seven people.

The first person in the chain of command, is the incident commander, who draws up a plan and has the power to direct the operation. Next are the general command staff, a Safety officer, a Liason officer and a Public Information Officer. These three staff officers split up the operation up into three sections, so as not to cause chaos. This command system helps everyone to work together until the operation has terminated. 


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