History 8. History of south and central America

The History of South and Central America from 500-1750 AD, Is quite interesting and the development through the centuries can also be uniquely painted. The similarities between the Americas and the rest of the world are, that around 500 AD, apart from Europe, other countries actually did not have hugely developed civilisations. 

 South America at around 500 AD, was not really developed and there were only a few small civilisations. Around 1450 AD, nothing had really changed, except that the Chimu and Inca empires had sprung up and had grown to include regions on the western coast. From 1450 onwards to 1750 though, everything changed. The discovery of North America by Columbus, sparked a new colonising era, bringing hundreds of adventurers over to the Americas. South America was quickly colonised by the Spanish and Portuguese, who completely wiped out Empires like the Incas and the Chimu people. This quick colonisation brought South America to 1750, a land mass divided by the Portuguese and the Spanish. 

Similar developments happened in Central America, In now day Mexico and in the Caribbean. In Central America the Aztec and Maya kingdoms had been the two dominant ones for some time. But as in most other areas, there were also lots of small communities and tribes, spread out across the land. But as soon as the Americas were ‘rediscovered’ (actually Eric the red and other Scandinavians had discovered the continent 500 years before) these nations were wiped out. In Mexico, the Spanish had control, destroying the pagan Aztecs and Mayans. 

In the Caribbean, similar changes took place as the different islands inhabited by small tribes, were quickly overrun by the Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese and British. The Caribbean soon became a huge slave market, which prompted some slave rebellions, which set some islands free. Now most Islands have shrugged off their original colonisers, although there are a few islands left under the jurisdiction of mother countries. To conclude, all the places we have studied today, have similar patterns of development, and this can also be seen in other places around the globe. Although colonisation could be cruel, it was nothing compared to the barbarity of some of the ancient civilisations.  


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