Lesson 2. Activities

This essay is on stuff that I like doing. I suppose I do not really have a hobby, apart from doing LEGO stop motion. So the things that I will be writing about should probably be classified as activities I like doing.

One of the major things I should put down is reading. I really enjoy reading, especially exciting and action-packed books. Right now I am on the Redwallseries by Brian Jaques, which honestly, is just some of the best stuff ever written, from my point of view. So, if you have not checked out this series, I seriously recommend you do. I am also a fan of G.A Henty and Jack London. The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings were also some amazing books. I also enjoyed the Harry potter books, though probably not as much as those mentioned above. The thing with Harry Potter, is that different people have different tastes, so though it was an extremely exciting story, I do not think I enjoyed it as much as I am enjoying Redwall now, for instance. 

I also really like to go Fishing, which is more of a hobby. This is an activity that you can do to get you off your sofa and that takes you outdoors. I really like to Fish because it is so exciting and is an excellent way to spend a boring day off. Recently I managed to catch my first brown trout out of a wild river, which was also very exciting. My gear has grown a bit, meaning I have more flexibility to Fish. My dad also likes to Fish and so Fishing is also a way to spend time with him. Fishing has also increased my fascination of rivers and now I find that I cannot wait when I find out that we are going to a river, whether it’s to Fish or just to walk with my family alongside the river. 

I think that right now, these are my two things that I enjoy doing.


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